Day: June 15, 2021

June 15, 2021

Baku – The mesmerizing attraction of Azerbaijan

Baku, the mesmerizing capital city of Azerbaijan, has always been a matter of great attraction. It has the perfect blend of the Azeri culture and a flourishing economy that sets the bar higher for the country. Contribution to the global oil industry forms the base of the economy of Azerbaijan. However, to expand into other verticals, the government of the nation is looking for alternative methods.

This is why the development of Baku is now seeing the style of development as followed by Dubai, which is again an extremely popular tourist destination and shopping paradise loved by one and all.

Decoding Baku – A Tourist’s Luxury

Most of the tourists visiting Baku are never disappointed with everything that the city has to offer. “Icharishahar,” or the Old Town, is the most prominent location that allures visitors from every part of the world. So, make sure to visit the Palace, while you decide to explore Baku. It is one of Baku’s oldest emblems, constructed in the 15th century when the city was taken over as the capital of the Shirvanshahs kingdom. Today, it is considered as one of the heritage sites by UNESCO.

More Places to Visit

Baku is not only about the Palace or the colorful surroundings. There are some more amazing tourist attractions that people find tempting to explore. One such must-see destination includes the “Qiz Qalasi” or the Maiden Tower, which is also the second most visited tourist attraction in Baku after the airport. The panoramic view available from the top of the building is why people hoard into the location.

If you are looking for a romantic ambiance and coastal strolls in the evening, a relaxing walk across the Baku Boulevard is all that you need. It is also known as the Seaside National Park and gives a panoramic view of the Caspian Sea and showcases a fantastic reflection of the city lights during the nights. There are numerous restaurants and cafes known as “chai khana” or tea houses in this region, which give people the best time to relax.

The Lip-smacking delicacies that you must try

Baku is a city that is popular for the numerous tourist attractions and an amazing destination for tasting some of the delicious and mouth-watering delicacies. The food culture of Azerbaijan is unique and tempting. These authentic delicacies have a rich palette of some of the most amazing east-Asian flavors.

It would be best if you gave these traditional platters of the Old City a try to delve into their exotic taste. This way, you can easily sink into the ethereal view of the architecture and picturesque scene of the Old City while nibbling into the delightful delicacies.

Wrapping Up

Baku is one of the major cities where the concept of leisure tourism is shaping up way too soon. So right from event tourism to traveling for other special purposes, Baku hosts the travel industry in a high appeal. Every year the grand Baku Shopping festival is organized from April 10 to May 10, a huge event that also gets massive global coverage. So, if you plan your journey accordingly, you will participate in the event and churn out more flavors of the city.