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June 9, 2020

The Relaxing Wonderland of Thailand

By Murphy Jabbs

Krabi is, by every means, the wonderland of Thailand. It is a province that has the most stunning views in the country, beautiful white sandy beaches, and jungle and, over 200 islands. Over the years, this location has become a popular tourist destination. Some say that is it without a doubt, the most relaxing place in Thailand. Your first trip will leave a deep imprint in your memory as you take in the sites, relax on the beaches, and partake in Tai culture.

It is widely known as the haven for island hopping with numerous islands just off the coast. Transportation to these islands includes traditional long-tail boats, speed boats, and cruises. Upon arrival, you will find white sandy beaches, exciting activities, fantastic views, and friendly locals. There is something for everyone in this tropical paradise.

Mouth-Watering Food

Start your time in Krabi with a plate of delicious food. This gastronomical journey is nothing short of delectable and impressive. Receive a mouthful of flavor with signature traditional dishes and a local favorite. Seafood is always in plenty, and it pairs nicely with a gorgeous sunset by the beach.

A must-try dish in Krabi is the Thai pancakes or roti pancakes, which are served in roadside stalls. Each bite will coax you into wanting more; you may even consider staying forever. Signature Thai dishes such as Hoi Chak Teen are sure to put you in a great mood and give you the energy to explore this wonderful place. There is nothing quite as good as fresh seafood prepared by the locals. Therefore, be sure to hit all the local favorites.

Night Markets

A great and fun way to explore the culture and heritage of any place is through local markets. Krabi has more than a few markets that will give you a slice of Thai culture. Krabi Town’s Walking Street Market is a charming place where you can get authentic items at a great price. This weekend market runs from 5-10 pm every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. You will find locally-made crafts, accessories, and clothing. Stay longer and treat yourself to captivating nightly entertainment on its stage.

Rock Climbing

If you have never been rock climbing, then there is no better place to start than in Krabi during your vacation. Between the major hubs of Ao Nang and Krabi Town is the stunning peninsula of Railay. It is not an island but rather an arm cut off from the mainland by sheer limestone cliffs. These cliffs have both beginners and expert routes so everyone can partake. Each rewards climbers with a stunning view of the bay.

Tiger Cave Temple

Since you are already climbing, do one last climb to the Tiger Cave Temple. It is a series of temples that include a stunning Buddha statue, just a mere 1,247 steps up to the summit of a mountain. This climb is known to be challenging but overall rewarding when you get to the top. It is a bucket-list-worthy activity that will reward you with stunning views out over the province and several beautiful statues—a great way to experience Krabi.