Dubai marina
May 22, 2020

Rearrange Your Travel Plans with the Best Spots of Dubai

By Murphy Jabbs

Dubai is an admixture of everything energizing. If any popular tourist destination exists on this planet, it is got to be Dubai. To help you with exploring through these uncountable tourist spots, here are a couple of sites to visit in Dubai that you can’t bear to miss.

  1. Burj Khalifa

The superb structure, which has been the face of Dubai since 2010, is undoubtedly ranked #1 in the list of spots that you are not supposed to miss in Dubai. The Spider Lily inspired landmark has made its name in the Guinness Book for the longest traveling elevator. It is the most fantastic experience to observe the desert city’s mesmerizing views from its 124th floor. This monument has consistently been the center of attraction, and it can never be labeled as overrated and breathes in the essence of the city.

  1. Dubai Creek

Dubai Creek signifies the most prominent image of Dubai’s lavish identity as an urgent trading center. It is one of the most clamoring territories of Dubai with a wide assortment of factors of appreciation. Right from taking a selfie with the very friendly bottle-nosed dolphins in the Dolphinarium, to a short trip around the city in a cable-car or taking experience of the old appeal of a water taxi, Dubai Creek is a hidden treasure for the travelers. If appreciating the local culture is what you love to do, this paradise of Dubai will satisfy all your desires with its beautiful backdrop of the mesmerizing sunset.

  1. Dubai Marina

A magnificent spot for that unique proposal, a romantic date-night, an escapade of introspection, or just an opportunity to delve into the beauty of the bay, The Dubai Marina is the best place to witness it all. Dubai never seizes to mesmerize you with its wondrous enchantment and scenic beauty. This is the most prestigious residential area known for its magnificence, buzz, and an opportunity to experience the best of life. This reminds me of sitting on my deck on a warm summer evening with my partner, which I had built by Bloomington Deck Builders, a deck building company in Bloomington, MN, that I would highly recommend. Some of the excellent catch that the Marina brings to the table range from the most beautiful and quaint bistros and cafes to experiences of yachting and cruising that turn into beautiful memories that you can take home.

  1. Dubai Underwater Aquarium and Zoo

The baffling profundities of the sea and the beautiful life surrounding it, The Dubai Underwater Aquarium and Zoo is the best spot if you want to encounter the amazing aquatic life. With the broadest range of tiger sharks and more than 140 types of ocean creatures encompassing around you, you will be left astonished while taking a walk through this gorgeous 48 m long tunnel. Here, you will also be permitted to enjoy a fish-feeding session, and enjoy a glass-bottom boat ride and observe a fantastic experience of crocodiles and baby sharks around you.

Now that you are aware of the most amazing places to hover in Dubai, pack your bags and set out on a tour that you will never regret. Visit this fantastic desert city and wind up in a dreamland of awe-inspiring architectures, unique cultures, and illustrious solaces.