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6 Sep 2009

I am sorry for being so lax in writing my reports.  I have found it very difficult to have the time to get on the computer while the season is underway during the summer months.  I hope to let the "Admiral" take over this task next year during the summer as she has retired and will have the time to do this for me.  Anyways,

Fishing has been fantastic for ground fish and very frustrating for tuna.  The tuna seem to show for a couple days and then disappear.  Be in the right place at the right time and you can hook up no problem.  Other days you drive around for hours only seeing an occaisional splash.  Last week on Monday and Tuesday it was stupid fishing time with boats all over the bank hooking up.  Of course I could have predicted that since those were my first two days back in school.  As the week progressed the bite slowed and by Friday/Saturday none of the top guns on my dock saw a fish on any charter they ran.  There is a reason they call it Tuna Wishin.

I am not giving up on them and plan on bringing in a secret weapon next Sunday when my son will be visiting from CA for the first time in over a year.  George likes sashimi more than breathing so any fish in the area is in for trouble.  I hope to post pictures of our success next week.

Ground fishing is the BEST it has been all year.  We are taking boat limits of cod and these fish range from large market to steakers in the  10 to 35lbs range.  Plenty of haddock out there as well (sorry I forgot to take some bug eye photos for you haddock fans)  Heres a couple photos to show you what my customers and I have been up to.

The highlight of the weekend was the boating of a new boat record for the Lady Diane.  Justin Jarmolowicz of Wells Maine boated this huge wolf on Stellwagen Bank on Saturday, Sept. 5.  This is a trophy fish and the type of fish I like seeing my customers have the pleasure of catching. 

Next year the wolfish is being protected and we will not be allowed to keep them.  Anyone who has caught one knows how mean these fish can be and for the life of me I have no idea how anyone is going to be able to unhook and release these fish alive without losing a few fingers.  I think I will invite the brilliant mind who came up with this foolish reg to come aboard and show me how to do it.  These fish are not intentionally targeted by either recreational or commercial fisherman and are really a by catch much like halibut.  So with this regulation these fish will be caught, killed, unhooked and thrown overboard...a terrible waste cause by a foolish law.

Finally, I have had a cancellation for Sat. Sept 19th.  If you would like to get in on this great ground fishing give me call.  Tuna should be here in force and we always bring some gear to chase them as well.

Tight lines,






Capt George

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